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Production cab cab should meet the requirements and characteristics and safety performance introduction?

Date: 2018-08-24

Introduce the characteristics and safety performance of crane cab. The exterior decoration of crane cab body mainly refers to decorative strips, wheel decorative cover, signs, relief characters and so on. Next, we will explain the characteristics and safety performance of crane cab.

Accessories such as radiator mask, bumper, lamp and rearview mirror are also obviously decorative. The interior decorations include instrument panels, roofs, sidewalls, seats and other surface coverings, as well as curtains and carpets. Natural or synthetic fibers such as textiles, artificial leather or multi-layer composite materials, and laminated foam plastics are widely used in cars, while fiberboard, cardboard, engineering plastic board, aluminum board, pattern rubber board and composite decorative board are widely used in coaches.


he cab has a warm environment, soft lighting, electric skylights, multi-functional combination of central control dashboards, adjustable steering wheel, short handle joystick and so on, which create a high-class car-like driving atmosphere. The crane cab has its own four-point all-floating suspension mechanism, which allows the rider to enjoy comfort and comfort in any road conditions like an air cushion. Crane cab also passed the most stringent collision test in Europe, the safety performance is much better than the car standard, to the greatest extent to ensure the safety of the driver.

The crane cab is equipped with all-air suspension multi-directional adjustable seats (pressure-relief seat belts), its unique sliding, tilting, cushion angle, waist support and many other adjusting mechanisms so that any body type of driver can enjoy driving fun.

The crane cab is the workshop for the driver to operate the crane. It is equipped with controllers, controllers, switchboards and driver's chairs. In order to improve the working efficiency of the driver and the working conditions of the driver, the crane cab should meet the following requirements:

To ensure that the driver has a good view, the arrangement of equipment in the cab should not affect the visual field.

The joystick or handle (wheel) of the controller should be as accurate, reliable, convenient and labor-saving as possible.

Crane cabs operating in high temperature or cold environment should have preventive measures, thermal protection measures, dust or harmful gases, but also should be used with dust, anti-virus devices, closed crane cabs.

Crane cab should be properly illuminated, lay wood or insulation rubber floor, so that the driver has a good comfortable and safe working environment.

Over the cab of the crane, the hatch leading to the platform of the cart should be equipped with safety devices, when the hatch cover is closed, the crane can be powered on and started.

The crane cab door should be designed to open inward or to push sideways. Safety devices should be installed on the door. The crane can start when the door is closed.

The glass thickness installed in the cab of small crane should not be less than 5 mm, and can only be removed inward. Fire extinguishers and electric alarm devices should be installed indoors.