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What are the characteristics of the excavator cab and how to do it?

Date: 2018-08-19

Excavator cab manufacturer tells the characteristics of excavator cab, do you know the characteristics of excavator cab? What are they? Today, our excavator cab manufacturers are going to tell you about their characteristics.

Excavator cab

Skylight assembly, ceiling, skylight trim, skylight seal, skylight lock, skylight glass, skylight gas spring, etc.

Front window assembly, door frame letter cover, wiper motor, wiper, nozzle, rearview mirror support, rearview mirror.

Indoor handrail, cab outdoor handrail, rubber antenna, skylight interior, ceiling interior, rear interior, left column interior, right column interior.

Storage box, right side guard board, newspaper bar, left side guard board of newspaper bar, seat back cover, air conditioning iron cover,

Cab interior lights, clothes hook, front and bottom glass lock, fire hammer, water cup seat, speaker, speaker cover, speaker harness, etc.

Cab structure mainly includes: cab shell, doors, windows, body interior and exterior decorations, workbench and body accessories, seats and ventilation, heating, air conditioning, air conditioning devices and so on. Some also include cars and other equipment.

The cab housing is the installation foundation of all cab components. It usually refers to the rigid space structure consisting of the main load-bearing elements such as longitudinal, beam and prop, and the sheet metal connected with them. The cab of the spray truck has an obvious skeleton. The cab housing usually includes sound insulation, heat insulation, vibration protection, corrosion protection, sealing and other materials and coatings laid on it.

How to carry out the cleaning and maintenance of the excavator cab? Due to the different materials in the excavator cab, and more disorderly and scattered, attention should be paid to the use of different detergents. Most do car interior beauty shop decoration, will choose alkaline cleaning agent, although there is a whitening, decontamination effect, but there will be a certain aftermath, alkaline too strong detergent will be soaked in velvet cloth, leather chairs, ceiling, and eventually appear hardening, cracking.

Excavator cab

Professional approach should be to choose the PH value of no more than 10 cleaning fluid, with the car's special beauty washing machine, while cleaning, a large number of circulating water will be dirty things and detergent out, and this part of the internal moisture pumped out, in order to avoid excessive moisture, long-term decay or even fall off. There may be highly corrosive stains. These stains are difficult to clean. Oil stains on steering wheels, lamps, profiles and rubber parts can only be cleaned with ordinary soapy water, not gasoline, detergents and diluents. Do not use hard cleaning tools to remove dirt.