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Main reasons for leakage of excavator cab

Date: 2018-10-10

The excavator cab tells you the main reason for the oil spill. Excavator is a large-scale industrial equipment, its powerful function, and high efficiency, fast speed, can complete the work that can not be done by manpower, very popular. But if the phenomenon of oil leakage occurs in the process of excavator work, it is very troublesome, the following is about the reasons for oil leakage excavator.

Products (accessories) are not good in quality, material or technology, and there are problems in structural design.

Improper assembling speed, unclean matching surface, damaged liner, displacement or not in accordance with the operation specifications for installation.

The tightening force of the nut is uneven, the slipping of the wire is broken, or the loose and loose shedding causes the work to fail.

After sealing materials are used for a long time, the wear limits, aging, deterioration and deformation failure.

Too much lubricating oil, too high oil level or wrong oil.

Parts (side cover, thin-walled parts) joint surface deflection, shell damage, so that lubricating oil exudation.

After the blockage of air plug and one-way valve, oil leak often occurs in the weak sealing area due to the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the case.

The basic idea of excavator cab design and the basic idea of excavator cab design are to simulate the frame signal and provide it to the excavator cab circuit. Through the self-made wire harness connection, the signal of excavator cab is fed back to the monitor of the detector, the signal board of excavator cab and the electricity inside the excavator cab. This device is used to reflect whether the excavator cab circuit is normal. Next, I will talk about the basic idea of excavator cab design.

Testing and maintenance personnel can conveniently carry out static and dynamic testing through the instrument, and then combined with the electrical schematic diagram of the relevant models, timely troubleshooting excavator cab electrical fault. The tester requires DC power supply, but space and fixed position are reserved in the main control box during the design and fabrication process, and the voltage stabilized power supply can be installed according to the needs. This can make the tester suitable for different places and improve the flexibility and flexibility of the equipment. The instrument is equipped with a two-phase main power switch inside, and a main power switch (located outside the main control box of the instrument) is arranged on the circuit. After switching on the switch, the detector can be used. There is also a main main power switch on the hand-held control box, which can control the power relay in the main control box of the tester. Each time the wire harness of the excavator cab is tested, the switch can be operated. A circuit breaker is also installed in the circuit to ensure the safety of the circuit. The outlet of the circuit breaker is divided into two parts, which supply power to the main control box of the tester along the way, and the main part of the line connecting the tester with the cab harness of the excavator.