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What are the ways to maintain the excavator cab?

Date: 2018-10-11
The method of choosing oil for maintenance of excavator cab is introduced. The body of excavator cab assembly is flexibly connected with the frame by spring or rubber pad. In this case, the body of the equipment on the frame has little reinforcement effect on the frame. The body of the vehicle only follows its own gravity, the gravity of the people and goods it carries and the inertia force and air resistance it causes when the vehicle trudges.

The frame is subjected to the gravity of the engine and chassis components, which work through the force transmitted by its brackets and trudge by the road through the wheels and suspensions. In this case, the automobile body not only bears the above loads, but also strengthens the frame to a certain extent and takes charge of some loads of the frame. The characteristic of the load-bearing body is that the car is not, and the body is the equipment foundation of the engine assembly. Under such circumstances, all the above loads are borne by the car body.

In order to reduce the vehicle quality and save materials, most of the intermediate, general, mini-car and some bus cabs of excavator cabs often use load-bearing planning. The truck excavator cab occupies only a small part of the car's length, so it is impossible to choose the carrying capacity plan. It is also difficult to choose a load-bearing plan without open closed body. In order to improve the comfort of the car, reduce the vibration from the engine and chassis assemblies and the impact from the road surface to the car body when the car trudges through the wheels and suspensions, non-load planning can be chosen.

The automobile body and the truck excavator cab do not have a significant skeleton, but a spatial planning by welding the outer covering parts and the inner sheet metal. The ground panel of the load-bearing body has relatively complete longitudinal and transverse load-bearing elements. The front of the load-bearing body has two standard thicker longitudinal beams. They are generally welded with the radiator fixed frame 9 in front of the front fender at both ends to form a rigid space frame, so as to directly equip the engine and the front suspension and other components and bear their working load. On the contrary, the front part of a non-load-bearing vehicle is thinner, and its front sheet parts are generally not welded to the body shell, but are connected by screws and equipped on the frame.

At present, there are many imported oil brands in the market. The following are some of the most important imported oil brands and their characteristics. The general oil of excavator cab is made up of two of base oil and additive. Most of the base oils are mineral oils, and additives include metal detergents, antioxidant and anticorrosive agents, rust removers, ashless dispersants and viscosity index improvers. Adding some special chemicals to the oil can improve the quality of the oil. It can not only reduce the wear and tear of the engine, extend the life of the engine, make the piston and combustion chamber cleaner, reduce the sediment on the lubricating oil circuit and filter, and save fuel to extend the operation journey of replacing the oil. Up to more than 10000 kilometers or more.