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We must first understand the advantages of crane cab.

Date: 2018-10-12

The function of crane cab ventilation system is to convey fresh air to cab and exhaust polluted air outdoors to meet the hygienic requirements of gross air weight in cab. The ventilation system of crane cab has 2 forms: natural ventilation and forced ventilation.

Natural ventilation: Natural ventilation is formed by the difference of air pressure caused by the relative motion of the vehicle during driving or working. It is not suitable for the cab with low speed or working in a fixed position to realize ventilation by using the natural ventilation measures of air pressure difference caused by the speed of the vehicle, especially when the machine works in a dusty working condition. Natural ventilation is not suitable.

Forced ventilation: Forced ventilation is the use of ventilation fans to send fresh air into the room, which requires energy and equipment. In the cab of fully enclosed crane equipped with heating and cooling equipment, combined ventilation, heating and refrigeration devices are mostly used.

Crane cab tells the advantages of use. How much do you know about the crane cab? Are you clear? Crane cab is an indispensable part of the crane composition, we must first understand the advantages of the use of crane cab, crane cab operator work and activity space, in addition to good vision, enough stiffness and strength. It is easy to operate, comfortable, convenient and satisfying. It is good for the operator to work efficiently and reliably. The cab's ability of noise insulation and noise reduction directly affects the operator's efficiency.

Through the above knowledge, we now know the advantages of the crane cab.